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Hand-crafted quality, cost-effective processing capabilities and years of industry and material specific knowledge combine to deliver innovative solutions for demanding applications. We can provide parts that range in size from a few grams to hundreds of pounds in quantities from one to one million.

Molded polyurethanes are a diverse and versatile group of materials known for abrasion resistance, chemical resistivity, stability in water, ease of processing and relatively low cost. Molded polyurethanes are found in almost every industry. Molds are relatively inexpensive and can be made from a variety of materials. A variety of molding processes and waterjet technology are used to produce custom parts to customer specification. Molded polyurethanes are a good substitute for a number of materials where improved performance is required, and are available as soft as gum rubber or as hard as a golfball.

There are literally thousands of possible material combinations, each with special physical properties. Let us know what you need your molded polyurethane part to do and we will help develop the optimal formulation.

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